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Studio 4

The heart of Flagey is the Studio 4. Known all over the world and organising concerts, festivals, film shows, debates. It could also be the ideal place for your event.
Exceptional architecture and design, perfect acoustics, a vast stage and equipped with state-of-the-art technical material for concerts, projections recordings, rehearsals, award distributions, meetings or other gatherings, offering seats for 500 (ground floor) to 862 people (ground floor + balconies).

piano Studio 4
Studio 4
Conference - Studio 4
Studio 4
 Ground floor
 Balconies 300
 On stage
 Height  13,8 m
 Width  38,4 m
 Length 27-20,1 m
 Height  73 cm
 Width  18 m
 Depth  15 m
 Image equipment
 Projection room
 35 mm or video projector
 Non-fixed screen
 Dressing rooms
 Conductor (30 m²)
 Soloists (4 x 20 m²)
 Musician foyers (4 x 35 m²)
 Floor plans
 Plans (all)