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Fri 26.02 - 20:15 - Studio 4

Chano Dominguez, Niño Josele

© Carlos Pericás - Chano Dominguez, Nino Josele

The worlds of flamenco and jazz collide in a fascinating new collaboration which sees the great jazz pianist Chano Dominguez meeting the fantastic Nuevo Flamenco guitarist Niño Josele.  The project was initiated by renowned producer Fernando Trueba for his label Calle 54. Trueba’s instinct is that these unmistakably original catalysts of Spanish music were destined to meet through their shared fascination for the dynamic interplay between jazz and flamenco. With a fascinating repertoire that extends from their shared musical influences into interpretations of songs by Tom Jobim and other Brazilian composers, this is music that communicates with flair and passion.

Flagey, Hello Jazz Festival

Album release : Chano & Josele (2014, Calle 54)


Chano Dominguez, piano

Niño Josele, guitar