Fri 13.01 - 22:30 - Main Hall / Sainte-Croix


Vincent Brijs, Andrew Claes, Jan Willems, Geert Hellings, Dries Laheye, Maarten Moesen, Stijn Cools

Best of Belgian Jazz | Jazz 100! | Brussels Jazz Festival

BRZZVLL is founded by Vincent Brijs. The band plays improvised dance music with a jazz-fusion, funk and rare groove sound similar to that of the 70’s: bass and drums very tight and funky, horns, guitar and keyboards very imaginative and groovy. In 2016, exactly one year after ‘Engines’, their critically acclaimed album featuring Anthony Joseph, BRZZVLL released its fifth album; ‘FIRST LET’S DANCE, A ‘Nuff Said celebration ft. Amir Sulaiman’. As the album title suggests: come and dance because we’ll party in Flagey.


COMBI TICKET (35€) : Makaya McCraven (19:30) + Vijay Iyer Trio & Wadada Leo Smith (21:00) + Brzzvll (22:30)

When a concert is sold out, a waiting list will be opened in our ticket shop from one hour before the start of the show.


Vincent Brijs, saxophone

Andrew Claes, saxophone, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)

January Willems, music keyboard

Geert Hellings, guitar

Dries Laheye, bass guitar

Maarten Moesen, drums

Stijn Cools, drums