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Fri 20.01 - 12:30 - Studio 1

Quinn Bachand’s Brishen

Quinn Bachand, Reuben Wier, Richard Moody, Joey Smith, Cory Pesaturo, Peyton Plenninger, Connor Stewart, Noah Gotfrit

Jazz 100! | Brussels Jazz Festival

Quinn Bachand is one of Canada's most talented young jazz musicians. Thanks to his variety of musical talents and bottomless creativity he is an experienced performer, an amazing guitarist and a gifted multi-instrumentalist who feels at home in a whole range of music styles, from Celtic to Gypsy jazz. ' Brishen' means 'storm bringer' in Romani, perfectly describing this concert of Quinn Bachand and his exceptional group of musicians! 

Flagey, Djangofolllies

Sandwich and drink included


Quinn Bachand, guitar, violin, banjo, vocals

Reuben Wier, rhythm guitar, vocal

Richard Moody, violin, viola

Joey Smith, double bass

Noah Gotfrit, double bass

Cory Pesaturo, accordion

Peyton Plenninger, saxophone

Connor Stewart, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, vocal