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Sat 21.01 - 20:15 - Studio 4

Buscemi & Michel Bisceglia ensemble present Nosferatu

Buscemi, Michel Bisceglia Ensemble

Best of Belgian Jazz | Jazz 100! | Brussels Jazz Festival

Following their earlier collaborations (Man With A Movie Camera of Dziga Vertov and Mixed Kebab of Guy Lee Thys), Buscemi and Michel Bisceglia present us a new film concert tour based on the classic horror movie Nosferatu, channeling both of their unique musical styles in a brand new soundtrack. Curious what happens with this silent film about Dracula in the hands of these Belgian star artists?



Nosferatu Reworks : live soundtrack for the movie Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens music of  Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau


Buscemi, electronics, comp.

Michel Bisceglia Ensemble

Michel Bisceglia, piano, comp.

Jo Mahieu, guitar

Nathan Wouters, acoustic bass guitar

Ronny Verbiest,