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Wed 22.03 - 20:15 - Studio 1

Nordmann plays ‘Dementia’

Edmund Lauret, Mattias De Craene, Dries Geusens, Elias Devoldere

Best of Belgian Jazz | JazzLab Series | Jazz 100!

In a seedy hotel room, a young woman wakes up from a nightmare and heads into the city. What follows is a night full of violence and madness, blurring the line between dreams and reality. We get an intimate glimpse into the psyche of a tormented soul. Dementia/Daughter of Horror from 1955, directed by John Parker, is a dark and extremely bizarre film noir. The music by Nordmann is often described as dark, cinematic and energetic in all its forms. The threatening undertone of their music fits perfectly with the mysterious atmosphere of this cult classic.

Flagey, JazzLab Series


Live soundtrack of the movie Dementia/Daughter of Horror by John Parker with Adrienne Barrett, Bruno VeSota, Ben Roseman

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Edmond Lauret, guitar

Mattias De Craene, tenor saxophone

Dries Geusens, bass guitar

Elias Devoldere, drums