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Tue 13.06 - 20:15 - Studio 1


Jean-Paul Dessy, Claire Bourdet, Laurent Houque, Karel Coninx, Jean-Pol Zanutel, Pierre Quiriny, Adrien Lambinet, Charles Michiels

Musiques Nouvelles

Once again, Musiques Nouvelles presents us with the opportunity to hear something modern, fresh and innovative. Each year, several young composers on the rise are invited to join the ensemble and work together on the creation of a “Attention Musique Fraîche” concert. The programme features works by four winners of the prize André Souris meant for young composers of the French Community of Belgium. An inspiring way to discover the colorfulness and diversity of contemporary music! 

Flagey, BOZAR, Musiques Nouvelles, MARS


new works by Alithéa Ripoll, Pierre Slinckx, Gaëlle Hyernaux & Grégory D'Hoop.


Musiques Nouvelles

Jean-Paul Dessy, dir.

Claire Bourdet, violin

Laurent Houque, violin

Karel Coninx, viola

Jean-Pol Zanutel, cello

Pierre Quiriny, percussions

Adrien Lambinet, trombone

Charles Michiels, clarinet

Kim Van den Brempt, piano

Hughes Kolp, guitar