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14.06 > 16.06 - Studio 1

Masterclass Choir Directing by Vlaams Radio Koor & Hervé Niquet

Hervé Niquet, Vlaams Radio Koor

The internationally renowned Flemish Radio Choir has a long tradition of performing a wide range of choral music with a special focus on a capella repertoire for chamber choir. The choir receives critical acclaim for the excellence and professionalism of their performance and is an established name in the European choral context. With Hervé Niquet ,musical director since 2011, the choir has a visionary and experienced leader who has a vast experience in conducting as well as in vocal technique. We feel that we need to share all this expertise, so we organize a masterclass to give choral conductors who wish to improve their skills to do so at the highest level with the Flemish Radio Choir and their musical director Hervé Niquet.

The Flemish Radio Choir masterclass for choral conductors is open to both actively participating conductors and to observing conductors. There is room for a maximum of 6 actively participating conductors. The actively participating conductors will rehearse a number of a capella works and works for choir and piano with the Flemish Radio Choir (6/6/6/6) under the supervision of Hervé Niquet and in the presence of observing conductors and general public. After each session the active conductors will have a separate meeting with Hervé Niquet to receive more personal feedback.

Each active conductor will have working session on each day. The masterclass will be recorded on video. This recording can be used by the Flemish Radio Choir for promotional or educational purposes.

Flagey, Vlaams Radio Koor

Duration: 10:00 > 14:00

Accessible to both actively participating conductors and to the general public + info :

Ticket for listeners for the three days

Selection: Candidates for active conducting need to include with their application a resume and an audio or video recording demonstrating their work as conductor so we can make a selection.

Repertoire: The active conductors are required to study the works thoroughly and to be ready to conduct them. The repertoire will be announced in due time.

Costs: The masterclass is accessible to observing conductors as well as to the general public . Tickets at 20€ for a 3-day pass.

To subscribe as an active conductor &  more info about these private masterclasses: Alain De Ley -

Dates and times

  • 14.06 > 10:00
  • 15.06 > 10:00
  • 16.06 > 10:00