Studio 4
Studio 5
Studio 1

A cultural space

The space intended for cultural activities is located in the middle of the building and houses five studios that vary in size and function. High-tech acoustic insulation separates the studios, meaning that they can be used for different activities at the same time.

The infrastructure of Flagey was modified with a view toward the new cultural use of the building but also in function of its unique profile and its polyvalent use. In implementing the various changes, consideration was taken of the building's architectural and acoustic patrimony - Flagey is partially listed - as well as with the demanding requirements of the 21st century.

The seating capacity of Studio 4 was expanded using balconies and the technical infrastructure was optimised using new lighting, sound and film systems. Studios 1, 2, 3 and 5 were also restored and made accessible to the public. Their architecture and acoustic properties make them suitable for a wide variety of activities.The reception facilities for public, artists and technicians were also adapted and modernised. Next to the public entrance on Place Sainte-Croix (across from the ponds of Ixelles) are the booking office and a number of cafes and bars that complement the cultural activities.

Guided tours

Guided tours are possible on following days/times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 12:00 > 17:00

Outside these hours, we are also open one hour before each activity, until the start of the last activity, also on Monday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Please contact us for more information.

For info or booking, please click here and send us an e-mail.