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Fri 28.04 - 12:30 - Studio 1

Students of ARTS² (guitar)

Students of ARTS2 (guitar)


Twelve students of the guitar class of Odair Assad (ARTS²- Conservatory of Mons) present a selection of music written between 1920 et 1995. Apart from three of the composers (Manuel de Falla (Spain), Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Italy) and the Astor Piazzolla (Argentina)) who were not guitar players themselves, the composers featured in this concert have each made great contributions to the expansion of the guitar repertoire, as well as to the development of a proper music language and a never before seen spectrum of techniques on the instrument. Composers include Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Abel Carlevaro (Uruguay), Nikita Koshkin (Russia), Paulo Bellinati (Brazil), Sergio Assad (Brazil), Dusan Bogdanovic (Serbia) and Roland Dyens (France).

Flagey, ARTS2 - École Supérieure des Arts -Conservatoire Royal de Mons


Music of Leo Brouwer, Dusan Bogdanovic, Paulo Bellinati, Astor Piazzolla, Roland Dyens, Sergio Assad

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Boris Antonini, Nadia Bakareke, Philippe Bauer Raposo, Véronique Bauer Raposo, David Bei, Thibault Debehogne, Cynthia Delfosse, Florence Leroy, Simon Le Pape, Wynand Mawet, Ludovic Monnier, Nicolas Sanna.