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Wed 31.05 - 20:15 - Studio 1


Peter Jacquemyn, Eric Sleichim, Yannick Peeters, Kristof Roseeuw, Lode Leire, Pieter Lenaerts, Jan Pillaert, Carl-Ludwich Hübsch, Grégoire Tirtiaux, Mathieu Lilin, Peter Verdonck, Matthias Muche

JazzLab Series | Jazz 100!

Deep, dark and low. FUNDAMENT explores the lower regions of the sound spectrum with instruments such as double basses, tubas, baritone and bass saxophones. FUNDAMENT is a project of draughtsman, sculptor and performer Peter Jacquemyn. In the work of Jacquemyn, the worlds of music and visual arts merge together. Music is much more than just accompaniment and the visual arts are more than just a background. FUNDAMENT is an unprecedented exploration and celebration of the underground, guaranteeing us a concert that will reverberate for a long time.

Flagey, JazzLab Series


Peter Jacquemyn, bass, vocals, concept

Eric Sleichim, tubax

Yannick Peeters, double bass

Kristof Roseeuw, double bass

Lode Leire, double bass

Pieter Lenaerts, double bass, vocals

Jan Pillaert, tuba, vocals

Carl-Ludwich Hübsch, tuba, vocals

Matthias Müller, trombone

Grégoire Tirtiaux, baritone saxophone, vocals

Mathieu Lilin, baritone saxophone

Peter Verdonck, bass saxophone, vocals