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Sun 26.03 - 11:00 - Studio 1

JAZZ 100 - Une histoire de jazz: John Coltrane and the current Belgian jazz scene

Marc Danval

Jazz 100!

February 26, 1917: the Original Dixieland Jass Band releases the first jazz album. Livery Stable Blues is a huge success and marks the beginning of the history of jazz. Thanks to the invention of the disc, the new genre (in which improvisation plays a key role) continues to develop, to spread and to evolve stylistically from popular entertainment to art music. During these lectures, Marc Van den Hoof and Marc Danval talk about the three-minute masterpieces and the luxury compact disk: 100 years of jazz history.



John Coltrane and the current Belgian jazz scene

John Coltrane was the last jazz genius and arguably the most important musician since Parker. He became world famous thanks to his huge dynamic range, his exceptionally long soli, and his tessitura that was much larger than any other tenor saxophonist before him. Coltrane goes even one step further in his passionate quest by dedicating himself to the soprano saxophone. He mastered a kind of ritualistic way of expressing himself musically. His influence remains significant today, not only on the new generations of young jazz musicians but also on established soloists such as Archie Shepp, Wayne Shorter or Joe Henderson.