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26 > 21
Thu 30.03 - 20:15 - Studio 4

piano 2.0 & Live set - Francesco Tristano

Francesco Tristano

Jazz 100! | Listen! Festival: Opening concert

The second edition of Listen! A Brussels Future Music Festival(30.03 > 01.04) focuses on electronic music, and especially on future-oriented dance music. "Music is music", Alban Berg said to George Gershwin in 1928.  There is no such thing as 'art' and 'popular' music. Francesco Tristano is the living proof of that and has presented such belief for more than ten years now: he fuses classical music, techno and jazz and feels equally at home in music by Bach, Berio, Gershwin or Carl Craig whilst constantly perfecting sequencing software with which he works during his performances. Piano 2.0 is a fascinating mix of digital virtuosity and unique electronic textures. After his appearance at the great electronic music festival Sonár in Barcelona, we now welcome him at Flagey!

Flagey, Listen! Festival

19:15 - doors open
20:15 - concert piano 2.0
22:00 - AFTERSHOW: Electronic Live Set (main hall)
(free aftershow for ticket holders of Francesco Tristano's concert)

PASS Listen! Festival (3 days/50€) available online, in the ticket shop or by calling 02 641 10 20. Fransesco Tristano + concerts Square Brussels Meeting Center


Francesco Tristano, piano, electronics