La Semaine du Son

Time Cage

John Cage is mainly known as the composer of the famous composition 4'33" in which he prescribes 'silence'. Thanks to 4'33" he became world famous, even though he was not the first who came up with the idea: more than 30 years earlier Erwin Schulhoff beat him to it with his soundless In Futurum (1919). During this Semaine du Son, we look for the man behind the amiable smile, his many visions and his passion for mycology and philosophy. Not for nothing, composer Michael Finnissy called him a "wolf in sheepskin". This day offers a unique look at this legendary composer through his music (for piano, for prepared piano, for toy piano, his vocal and ensemble music), but also through a series of conferences, documentaries and installations.

Flagey, La Semaine du Son / De Week van de Klank