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Alexandra Cooreman / MFPhotography

Orchestre Symphonique Bienne Soleure, Leon Blekh, Alexandra Cooreman, Frank Braley

Opening night Music Chapel Festival 2020

The Music Chapel Festival opens with two concerts. Pianist Frank Braley and violinist Vladyslava Luchenko, both connected to the Music Chapel, will play together with the Orchestre Symphonique Bienne Soleure conducted by Kaspar Zehnder. This double opening night is dedicated to the concertos by Mozart and Beethoven which the musicians recorded in Bienne in March 2019 and 2020 for the CD box Mozart Doubles. This box will be released in December in collaboration with Outhere, Orchestre Symphonique de Bienne Soleure and the Music Chapel. Tonight, these famous musicians share the stage with young artists in residence : Alexandra Cooreman and Leon Blekh.

Music Chapel

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