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Species Counterpoint / Jean Christophe Lett


Species Counterpoint | Antoine Bertin

During the Flagey Piano Days, the Frenchman Antoine Bertin turns the iconic Salon Diongre of Flagey into a meditative space thanks to the installation Species Counterpoint, which makes the harmony between our human DNA and that of plants audible. A pianola, a mechanical piano, simultaneously converts both DNA codes into music. You seem to hear two different musical works, but soon you notice numerous similarities. The installation reminds you of the uimmutable bond between mankind and nature.

Antoine Bertin is one of the winners of the ACT Awards 2020 - 2021. His work is a mix of compelling soundscapes, interactive stories, science, immersive experiences and tangible materials. It has been seen (and heard) at Tate Britain, Serpentine Gallery, Palais de Tokyo, and at Sonar+D and Kikk festival.


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