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Frequently Asked Questions | streaming

please note: the Brussels Philharmonic's streaming concerts take place on another platform. For more information on these concerts organized by the Brussels Philharmonic, we invite you to consult their site.

How do I get access to the streaming?

  • Have you already bought a ticket for one of our streaming events? Then click on the link you received by e-mail after your purchase. This link will take you directly to our streaming platform. Once on the platform, don't forget to click on the 'play' button to start the live streaming.
  • You do not have a ticket yet? No problem. On our website you can buy tickets.

How can I buy several tickets or give a friend access to the streaming?

Each ticket contains one link to the streaming. If you order two tickets, you will receive two different links. You can then send one of these links to the person you want to give access to the streaming.

Can I access the stream from abroad?

Abroad access to our streaming may vary from one event to another. 

What should I do if I can't find the e-mail with the link to the streaming platform?

Send an e-mail to with your first name, last name and email address (which you used when purchasing your ticket) and we will send you a new e-mail with the link.

What should I do if the link I received does not work?

Have you already opened our streaming platform on another screen? First close the window of your web browser on this screen and then open the streaming platform again on another screen (using the same link you received by e-mail). It is not possible to view our streaming events on multiple screens at the same time using the same link. Do you still receive an error message? If so, please contact us at Our employees will be available during the live streaming to assist you.

How do I navigate during the streaming?

It is not possible to rewind during the live streaming. You can watch the moments you missed later.

How can I watch the concerts again after the live streaming?

Click on the link that you have received by e-mail (the same link that brought you to the streaming platform on the day of the event). You will then be automatically redirected to the videos of the concerts. Please note: it may take a few minutes after the end of a live streaming before the concerts are available again.

Can I watch the streaming events on multiple screens at the same time?

It is not possible to view our streaming events on multiple screens at the same time with the same link. To change screens, you first need to close the window of your current web browser on your current screen. Only then, you can open the streaming platform on another screen or device (using the same link you have received by e-mail).

Can I access the streaming on my television?

Our streaming platform is currently not compatible with devices and services such as Chromecast (we hope to be able to offer this possibility in the future). You can of course always connect the HDMI cable from your computer to your television.

I am unable to access the live streaming. How can I contact you on the day of the event?

Our employees will be available during the live streaming to assist you:

  •  Do you have questions about the live streaming? Please contact us at
  • Do you have questions about your ticket(s)? Please contact us at

We can also reach us via or via our social networks: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. As our call centre is currently closed, we cannot be reached by phone at the moment.

How do I activate subtitles in the videos?

If subtitles are available, turn them on when viewing a video by clicking the CC button in the player's bottom toolbar.

The streaming is not working properly or is interrupted.

Could it be that you have a slow internet connection or that there are many users using your Wi-Fi network? Below are our technical recommendations for an optimal streaming performance:

For optimal viewing of our streaming, we recommend a wired and stable connection with a download speed of at least 7 Mbps. Our streaming platform is best viewed via Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. We broadcast our events in High Definition, but keep in mind that the quality of the streaming on your screen is largely dependent on the download speed. This speed can vary depending on many factors (time of day, Wi-Fi performance, signal strength, number of users on the same network, etc.). Test your connection speed here.

I have an image but no sound.

Refresh your browser page and click on the "Unmute the video" button at the top of the video. Test here your sound. No sound? Check the settings of your sound card or speakers. Try other speakers or headphones, or update your sound card driver.

I have sound but no image.

Try refreshing the page or restarting your web browser. Still not working? You may need to restart your device. Are you using an ad blocker? This may affect the start of the video. Please disable the ad blocker and refresh the page. If the problem persists, please contact us at to explain your issue. We will do our best to help you.

The streaming is not displayed in High Definition.

It is possible that the video player is set to automatically play in low resolution: try refreshing the page or selecting 'HD' in the video player settings. It is also possible that your connection is not fast enough to display the streaming in High Definition. Test your connection speed here (we recommend a download speed of at least 7 Mbps).

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