Moments of being

Moments of being

With the series Spreek/tijd – Moments of being - Penser le présent organizes several meetings with inspired thinkers.

Over the past seasons, 'Time' was at the heart of the readings of the German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski and the Dutch thinker Joke Hermsen, while the French historian Alain Corbin and the French sociologist David Le Breton told us more about our desire for 'silence'. Karen Armstrong, one of the leading commentators in the world in the field of religion, held on the other hand a plea for 'compassion'.

This season, Flagey welcomes once again a number of eminent thinkers and speakers such as the English philosopher A.C. Grayling who with us on the theme 'deceleration', and the Belgian thinker Herman De Dijn who initiates us into the world of 'rituals'.

These meetings are the perfect moments for reflection, contemplation and exchange. Sigrid Bousset, ex-director of Passa Porta, is our curator of the series.