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Dulces Exuviae / Clara Brunet

Dulces Exuviae

Toutes Les Nuits

Dulces Exuviae takes us on a journey from dusk to dawn with their programme Toutes les Nuits, awarded the Diapason d'or in February 2023.

In nocte consilium - the night brings advice: poets find in it the time of appeasement, astronomers the long-awaited moment to observe the stars and planets... As for the mystics, they search for enigmatic ways to the divine presence during entire nights.

The Franco-Slovenian duo guides us through the various nightscapes depicted by 16th-century composers: from hopeful to desolate, from the sweetness of romantic dreams to the chill of eternal night. The guiding light of the moon leads lovers to their secret rendez-vous. This itinerary culminates in the warm glow of the first rays of dawn. With works by Janequin, Lassus, Palestrina, Guerrero, and their Franco-Flemish, Italian, and Spanish colleagues, listeners are invited to explore these evocative nights, at times dark and terrifying, at others full of starry serenity and love.


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