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Quatuor Akhtamar / Nico Draps

Quatuor Akhtamar – Les faiseurs de rêves

| Junior 5-12

In a city where dreams and music have long been forgotten, cello, viola, and violins come together. The evocative and unifying power of music resurfaces. Passions, exchanges, and creations are reborn. Unforgettable melodies intertwine with children’s dreams and blow, like the wind, towards endless destinations.

An original and poetic spectacle, filled with light and without words, where music, bodies, and movements narrate the musical journey, animated by the magic of compositions by Haydn, Debussy, Dvořák, Brahms, and Komitas’ Miniatures. One by one musical gems.

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles

Quatuor Akhtamar - Les Faiseurs de rêves

In the context of

Jeunesses Musicales 23|24