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Friends of Flagey

The Friends of Flagey are a group of friends who are passionate about art and music. They help Flagey to be a leading centre of creation, dissemination, and excellence in the field of music and visual culture, both in Belgium and in the rest of the world.

As Friends of Flagey, you contribute to the development of a dynamic artistic offering and a programme of the highest quality. You support the work of musicians and artists in residence at Flagey and create opportunities for large-scale productions.

This way, you build not only a privileged relationship with Flagey, but you help us to offer an exceptional range of concerts and events. The programme of the Friends of Flagey gives you the chance to meet prominent national and international musicians and artists in person and, thanks to these contacts, gain an insight into their artistic creation.

The Friends of Flagey are closely involved in the functioning of our art house situated in het centre of Brussels. You are part of our community, and can consider our house to be your home. In addition, you can enjoy many additional benefits and take part in exclusive activities such as trips to European cities renowned for their artistic, musical, and architectural value. On this web page, you can find all the details about the packages and the many activities for the Friends of Flagey.

Contact: Silke Vandaele | 02 641 10 89