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Artistic program of Flagey Academy

The Flagey Academy training program includes 2 rehearsals per week, and encompasses sessions on music theory and vocal coaching. The young choristers are guided by a team of professional musicians throughout their journey.

The main choir consists of boys and girls with high-pitched voices (sopranos, mezzos, altos). Some choristers specialize in solo roles, which involve additional rehearsals and tailored repertoire.

Boys going through vocal changes are specifically monitored and guided in the use of their new instrument. They can then continue singing within the soloist group. This group performs alongside the main choir during public performances.

An important aspect of the training involves regular performances in front of an audience. In addition to performances in concert halls - such as Flagey, the Concertgebouw in Bruges, the Théâtre de Namur, ... - Flagey Academy also organizes concerts in community venues.

The choristers : Iris Barringer-Mills, Leo Boyer, Eleanor Charlton, Mahaut Chenevier, Malena Clérigo Medina, Emilly Costa Aires, Tara Dedye O’Kelly, Aroa Dios, Zoe Fine, Pietro French Cucchi, Emilia Gaspar, Adriana Gjeloshaji, Eloïse Goffin, Mona Grandsire, Eléa Jaminon, Hector Laffineur, Chloé Lagarde, Toni Emilia Lehneke, Camille Libotte, António Meggiolaro, Claudia Morales Duarte, Lya Muradyan, Max-Indra Nayer, Fanny Pisiotis, Maria Popa, Ioan-Aurel Popescu, Paul-David Popescu, Alice Rasquin, Félix Santisteva-Barsacq, Chloé Staes, Philippa Thys, Sofia Tiron, Clara Traxler, Catalina Valero

The artistic team : Zeno Popescu (conductor), Catherine Maufroy (vocal coach), Nina Sené (pianist), Pieter Vandaele (music theory)

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