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Music competition: Breughel / Final 2023 /

Music competition: Breughel / Final 2023


National classical music competition for young talents from Music Academies, Conservatories, Institutes of Higher Education and private teachers.

CATEGORY A - Under 13

Akari BASTIAENS (14-09-2012)
Frédéric Chopin,
Impromptu No. 1 in A-flat major, Op. 29
Maurice Ravel, from Le Tombeau de Couperin : Rigaudon

Eliana BRAUDE (21-04 -2014)
Alexander Scriabin,
Prelude No. 2 in A minor, Op. 11
Frédéric Chopin, Impromptu No. 1 in A-flat major, Op. 29
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Solfeggietto in C minor

Yui HARUMASHI (30-08-2012)
Claude Debussy,
Danse bohémienne
Frédéric Chopin, Grande Valse brillante No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 18

Mahault SKA (30-08-2010)
Ludwig van Beethoven
, Sonata No. 2, Op.14 : Allegro
Robert Schumann, Drei Stücklein, Op. 99


Category C - Under 19 years old

Anastassia EGGERICX (31-08-2007)
Ludwig van Beethoven,
Sonata No. 26 in E-flat major, Op. 81 : Les Adieux
Sergei Prokofiev, Sonata No. 3 in A minor, Op. 28

Jonathan IDE (29- 08 -2006)
Alexander Scriabin,
Prelude, Op. 15: Andante - Vivo - Allegro assai - Andantino – Andante
Johannes Brahms, Scherzo in E-flat minor, Op. 4

Viktoria VITIUK (2-08-2004)
Frédéric Chopin,
Etude No. 4 in C sharp-minor, Op. 10
Frédéric Chopin, Ballade No. 2 in F major, Op. 38


Category D - Under 23 years old

Adrian HERPE (30-10-2000)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata in D major, KV 311: Allegro con spirit
Karol Szymanowski, from Métopes, Op. 39: L'îles des sirens
Alexander Scriabin, Fantasy in B minor, Op. 28

Brecht VALCKENAERS (31 -07 -2000)
Brecht Valckenaers,
Prelude and Fugue
Maurice Ravel, from Le Tombeau de Couperin: Prelude - Fugue - Toccata

Note: By decision of the jury during the pre-selection, none of the candidates who presented themselves in category B were retained for the final.

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