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Flagey Academy

Flagey Academy is a multiannual choral school project for boys and girls from Brussels aged from 6 to 20. The participants are selected on the basis of motivation and are recruited from primary schools in Brussels that reflect the city's social, cultural and linguistic diversity. 

The project aims to bring singers from across the city together through choral singing, and to foster in them a love of music and a sense of purpose. More than just a choir, Flagey Academy is a long-term project, and consists of training programmes at preparatory and advanced levels. Throughout the learning process, the team of musicians and music pedagogues will focus on each young person’s artistic, emotional and intellectual development. The young singers will not only learn how to use their voice and to sing musically, singing together with others will also help build their self-confidence, and will teach them about commitment and respect for other cultures and individuals.

Flagey Academy starts within primary schools, with its PREP CHOIRS for children aged 6 to 12. They learn about rhythm and intonation and discover the joy of singing as part of a group within their own primary school. The most talented and motivated young singers aged 8 to 18, At the age of 8 these children can audition for the Flagey Academy YOUTH CHOIRS., that hosts young talented singers aged 8 to 20. 

Thanks to generous financial contributions from several private sponsors and foundations, the top-level training offered at Flagey Academy is entirely free of charge for the choristers. In return, Flagey asks for a serious commitment to the project from each singer and in the long term.

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With the support of Ackermans & van Haaren, BNP Paribas Fortis, ENGIE Foundation, the National Lottery, Private Bank Delen, TotalEnergies Foundation, Mister Geert Duyck, Madam Paulette Darty, Madam Colienne van Strydonck, Mister Frank Sweerts and those who prefer to remain anonymous.