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Flagey closed its doors to the public from December 24th 2021 to January 28th 2022. Find out more

Flagey Academy

Flagey Academy is a choral school for children and young people in Brussels. The participants are selected on the basis of motivation, vocal qualities and musical talent, and reflect the city's social, cultural and linguistic diversity. They are recruited from schools in Brussels and through open auditions. Throughout the learning process the team of musicians and teachers focus on the young people’s artistic, emotional and intellectual development. Learning to sing in a choir will not only teach them general musicianship, but it will also help develop their self-confidence, commitment and respect for other cultures and individuals.

Inspired by the work of the Oxford New College Choir and the Thomanerchor, after first following a preparatory choir programme at their primary school, these young people can attend auditions for a place at Flagey Academy, which is based in Flagey and La Maison qui Chante, starting from the age of 10. The ambition of Flagey Academy is for these young people to achieve a pre-professional level by the end of their training that gives them the opportunity to go on to study music in higher education.

For more information please contact Silke Vandaele, coordinator of Flagey Academy: | 02 641 10 89