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Vox Clamantis / Priit Grepp

Vox Clamantis

closing concert

The world-renowned Estonian choir Vox Clamantis, winner of the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance in 2014, connects the works of their mentor and national treasure Arvo Pärt with those of American artist-in-residence David Lang. The premiere of Lang's piece we were, co-commissioned by Flagey, ensures an unforgettable closing concert of the Flagey Choir Days' first edition.

“we were is another in a series of pieces I have been writing over the past several years, in which I have applied different literary filters to the text of the biblical ‘Song of Songs.’ Together with for love is strong (2008), just (2014), let me come in (2021) and the sense of senses (2021), these works examine the text from different angles, in the hope that, taken together, they may eventually begin to reveal more of the text’s emotional and spiritual powers.”
 – David Lang

Flagey, ECM Records, Estonian Embassy in Brussels

Flagey Choir Days