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Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio feat Scott Colley & Brian Blade / Nino Fernandez

Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio feat Scott Colley & Brian Blade

album release: Dance of the Elders (ECM Records, 2023)

Connected by a close and deep long-term friendship Wolfgang Muthspiel, Scott Colley and Brian Blade together form Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio and have mastered the art of transferring their personal bond to musical realms in fascinating ways. All three musicians resemble each other in their interpretation of jazz – very lyrical and not primarily or exclusively footed in its tradition.

Their playful dynamic interactions ranging from soft and poetic melodies to on-the-edge grooves and tricky harmonies lead to an atmosphere that makes this austrian-american trio unique. Every note embedded in warm sound is remarkable and personal in its own way, opening up space as if by magic and revealing its depth.

Flagey, ECM Records

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