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Vlaams Radiokoor / Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Bach: Oster-Oratorium

Vlaams Radiokoor & PRJCT Amsterdam

Radiant trumpets and jubilant soloists! Easter is all about commemorating the suffering and death of Christ, but in Bach's time, Easter Sunday resonated with joyful notes. Alongside his renowned passions, Bach composed an Italian-style Easter oratorio, omitting chorales and an evangelist. For nearly 25 years, he refined his Oster-Oratorium, which debuted on Easter Sunday in 1725.

The Oster-Oratorium is a resplendent celebration of Easter, where radiant trumpets take the lead and soloists sing out their joy with gusto: a tribute to new beginnings, longer days, and nature's awakening. The piece's pastoral roots shine through in instruments that frolic like spirited young colts, brimming with hope and vitality.

Flagey, Vlaams Radiokoor