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Zero Years Kid / Nadia Denys

Joachim Badenhorst’s Zero Years Kid

What happens when Joachim Badenhorst, unfazed by trends and expectations, unleashes his boundless imagination? The answer lies in Zero Years Kid, an eclectic quartet that effortlessly defies conventions and exudes unparalleled originality. While jazz remains at its core, Badenhorst views this project as a vibrant playground to embrace diverse ideas and interests.

Joined by Jan de Vroede, Lennart Heyndels, and Erik Heestermans, they seamlessly blend jazz/improvisation, pop, experimental, and R&B. Their spirited, poetic lyrics, sung in Badenhorst's native language, add a playful touch to the mix. With the infusion of samples and electronics, Badenhorst elevates his clarinet and saxophone, transporting listeners to an enchanting and unexpected universe.

Flagey, JazzLab