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José Gallardo

José Gallardo

UPDATE: 24.01.24 | Due to circumstances beyond our control, this concert cannot take place. Customers who bought a ticket for this concert will be soon contacted by e-mail. 

We have invited Marie François to replace José Gallardo. You will find the details about the new programme on our website.

Sophistication, subtlety and melodiousness are at the heart of this recital by the Argentinian José Gallardo. Couperin and Rameau, the great French Baroque masters of the keyboard, are on the programme, and so are the nostalgic piano works of Chopin. As a finale, Gallardo surprises us with a performance of songs by French 20th-century singer Charles Trenet, sometimes called 'Le Fou Chantant', arranged by Alexis Weissenberg.


Flagey Piano Days 2024
Flagey Piano Days 2024 | 07 – 11.02.24