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Diego Leyder - Imagina-son / Jonas-Leyder Boris-Görtz

Diego Leyder - Imagina-son

Experimental instrumental music set to animation and black-and-white films from the past | Junior 6-12

Dive into the atmosphere of a 20th century film concert with Imagina-Son. In a dark room Diego Leyder unveils his array of contemporary instruments (electric guitar, synthesizers, drum machines, small wind instruments, and percussion) to accompany various animated silent films in black and white. He engages with the images, lending them a light and nostalgic, angry, or magical tone.

The use of effects and the loop station absorbs the audience into a sonic universe that transitions from experimental music to country, reflecting the innovations that took place in the era of cinema pioneers. This reconnects the audience with spontaneous and shared emotions.

Flagey, Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles

Diego Leyder - Imagina-son

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Jeunesses Musicales 23|24