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Anneleen Boehme solo, Gingerblackginger, Sophie Tassignon / Nine Louvel | Erik Bogaerts | Katrin Andrzejewski

Anneleen Boehme solo + Gingerblackginger + Sophie Tassignon

Triple Bill: 1 ticket, 3 concerts

Anneleen Boehme : 19:30 | Gingerblackginger : 20:30 | Sophie Tassignon : 21:45

W.E.R.F. records celebrates its 30th anniversary and tonight highlights some of its female stars: double bassist Anneleen Boehme gives a taste of her new album and bassist Yannick Peeters presents her album GingerBlackGinger. "Bold" and "authentic" are the keywords to her music, as to Sophie Tassignon's new album Khyal, in which she sings in Arabic.

Flagey, W.E.R.F. records 30

Brussels Jazz Festival 2024
Brussels Jazz Festival 2024