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Choeur de l'ULB

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem K. 626

Quartz Ensemble, Choeur de l'ULB

The ULB Choir has taken on a major piece in the Mozart repertoire and the choral genre: the Requiem in D minor, a work whose complex harmonies and melodies fuse to generate unparalleled symbolic power. The Choir has joined forces with the Quartz Ensemble to give us a unique interpretation of this masterpiece.

The Requiem in D minor is one of Mozart’s most famous and moving works. Composed in 1791, it remained unfinished following the untimely death of its author; his students subsequently completed the drafts and missing parts. This succession of dramatic and meditative sections is characterised by sublime harmonies, evocative power and intense spirituality. The enthralling melodies and rich harmonies make it an unforgettable musical experience which has captivated audiences around the world ever since its creation, testifying to Mozart's timeless musical genius.

This concert is organised for the benefit of Solidarité Logement, a non-profit association fighting homelessness, which has set itself the mission of creating housing to facilitate the social and psychological integration of vulnerable people.