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Le Paradis Terrestre (Henri Van Lierde)

The Earthly Paradise: screening in the presence of the director

Henri Van Lierde

When absurdity leads to emotion... 
A complete descent into the depths of Judeo-Christian civilization. Dunes and bunker, Tree of Adam and Eve, Americans, 4WD, crusades, birth of Siamese babies, Tri-popes, Jesus, Dali, Claudia, cinema, the devil... an explosion of discoveries makes this offbeat film an elusive work in the pure tradition of Belgian “common sense”. 
The subject ? In the vicinity of Avignon, at a place called “Earthly Paradise”, a family finds the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But everyone has their own way of exalting this mystery. And Paradise plunges into Hell... To be reborn in Love? Only the false is true

Cineflagey by Cinematek & Kinograph

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Le Paradis Terrestre - Bande annonce