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Voices of the People

Voices of the People

Can citizens save democracy

Democracy is under pressure – and with several important elections on the agenda, 2024 may see a strong shift in political landscapes in Belgium, Europe and worldwide. It is thus a perfect year to take a closer look at new ways to re-vitalize democratic processes. With renowned speakers such as David Van Reybrouck, Beatrice Delvaux, Eva Kraus and Paul Verhaeghe, the conference will investigate how citizen assemblies can empower communities to shape their own solutions – overcoming the limitations of current political systems.

The event "Voices of the People" is organised by the Goethe-Institut Brussels in collaboration with G1000 and Flagey.


Ben Eersels (G1000)

Opening provocation
David Van Reybrouck - Is there still a democracy to believe in?

The Role of Citizens’ Assemblies
Delving deeper into the potential of Citizens’ Assemblies and looking into some cases from Belgium and abroad.

Short presentation of cases from various countries:

  • Democratising The Museum (Germany)
  • Bürgerrat Ernährung (Germany)
  • Bürgerdialog in Ostbelgien (Belgium)
  • Citizens' Assembly Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegowina)


Short break

Debate 'Voices of the people'

  • Béatrice Delvaux - Editor-in-Chief Le Soir on « Bonjour! Allez-vous voter? »
  • Tanné Bogaerts - Author ‘Kind van Extreemrechts’ on right wing extremism and polarisation
  • Naomi Izabela - Youth advocate on youth participation
  • Michaela Rothkrantz - Member of the Bürgerdialog in Ostbelgien’ on her experiences
  • The debate will be moderated by Ben Eersels (G1000)


Wrap Up
Ben Eersels (G1000)

Closing Keynote
Paul Verhaeghe discusses the increasing feelings of disconnect between people and what role democracy can play in this.