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Le syndrome des amours passées (An Balboni & Raphaël Sirot)

Le syndrome des amours passées

Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni

Rémy and Sandra are unable to conceive a child as they suffer from the "Past Love Syndrome". In order to be cured, they only have one solution: they have to sleep once again with each and every one of their past lovers.

Cineflagey by Cinematek & Kinograph

PAF celebrates its 10th anniversary!
PAF was founded in 2014 to remedy the lack of companies specialised in audiovisual audio description in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. PAF was founded on the grounds of a strong work ethic and high quality standards, passed on directly by the French audio description pioneers from the association Valentin Haüy by whom the founders of PAF were lucky enough to be trained. Little by little, PAF has developed and adapted its audio description practice to other fields (events, tourism, museums and the performing arts) and has broadened its range of accessibility services by also offering closed captioning. Thanks to its experience with writing and sounds, PAF has also been developing podcasts and sound creation projects since 2021. Today, the vast majority of professional French-speaking audio describers in Belgium have been trained by and collaborate with PAF, which has become a key player in the accessibility sector.

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