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Jan Michiels / Jochen Schollaert

Jan Michiels

Schönberg & Beethoven

Experiencing Steuermann's virtuosic piano arrangement of Schönberg's Kammersymphonie Nr. 1 live is an unforgettable experience. This unique work, full of pathos and blending classical, romantic, and atonal elements, has long been part of pianist Jan Michiels' repertoire. He pairs the chamber symphony with one of his greatest inspirations: in ...sofferte onde serene... we explore Venice through the eyes of Luigi Nono, who married Schönberg's daughter in 1955. Jan Michiels concludes his recital with the iconic Mondscheinsonate, the piece with which Beethoven opened new avenues for piano music for all subsequent composers.


Festival pass 'Aimez-vous Schönberg ?': 150€

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Aimez-vous Schönberg ?

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