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Daan Vandewalle / Fred Debrock

Daan Vandewalle

First and Second Viennese School

During a festival dedicated to Schönberg, his students Alban Berg and Anton Webern are indispensable. Together, they form the Second Viennese School, a name that pays tribute to these eminent composers, aligning them with Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven of the First Viennese School. Pianist Daan Vandewalle demonstrates how each school revolutionized music in their own way. He presents Schönberg's expressive piano music alongside Berg's lyrical Piano Sonata and the ingenious Variations op. 27 by Webern, and concludes with Mozart's poignant Fourth Fantasy, a musical homage to Johann Sebastian Bach.


Festival pass 'Aimez-vous Schönberg ?': 150€

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Aimez-vous Schönberg ?

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