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Brussels Philharmonic + Ill Considered

double bill: Celebrating Moondog

The music industry has its fair share of eccentrics, but Moondog will always be in a class of his own. Undefinable manoeuvring between genres, the street musician and poet was a unique figure who could nevertheless count on (artistic) respect from all sides.

In 1969, at the request of record label Columbia, he started working with symphonic sounds. During this unique Double Bill, the Brussels Philharmonic performs the resulting vinyl live in its entirety. In contrast, Ill Considered will showcase how Moondog’s music continues to inspire jazz musicians to craft their own unique interpretations. An evening not to be missed!

Want to get to know Moondog better and gain a deeper insight into his life? Then come and listen to the lecture of leading Moondog specialist Amaury Cornut earlier in the evening.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic

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Celebrating Moondog

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