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Peedu Kass Momentum / Kaupo Kikkas

Peedu Kass Momentum (EST) + LG Jazz Collective (B)

Peedu Kass Momentum is a piano trio led by the Estonian bass player Peedu Kass. The style of this ensemble is contemporary piano music, with adventurous rhythms, a clear sound and a dashing stage performance. Peedu is a prolific musician in the European jazz scene. His tours have taken him to some of the most important venues in the world. Momentum has performed in Canada, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia and Estonia. They were the first Estonian band to be chosen to perform at the world’s biggest jazz trade show Jazzahead! in Bremen. Now, they come to open the new concert season of Flagey!

With his LG Jazz Collective, guitarist Guillaume Vierset has gathered the crème de la crème of the new Belgian jazz scene around him. The group draws its inspiration from large bands such as the SF Jazz Collective, the Pat Metheny Group as well as the famous big bands of days gone by. Guillaume Verzet and his 'dream team' play jazz music in which each soloist gets to shine. After the success of their first album New Feel, which was awarded an Octave de la Musique (Best Jazz Album 2015), the seven-member group is returning to Brussels to present their latest compositions, entirely written by the guitarist.

Flagey, Estonian Jazz Union, Jazzkaar Festival

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