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Ben Sluijs Quartet / Cees van de Ven

Ben Sluijs Quartet

Join our SAX NIGHT and combine this concert with the concert by Chris Potter Trio at 21h00. A combiticket for both concerts costs 35 euro. 

One of the most lyrical and poetic jazz saxophonists in our country; that's how we describe saxophonist Ben Sluijs without hesitation. Sluijs has a cast-iron track record as a leader of quartets and was at the top of the Belgian scene for years. He surprised everyone at Jazz Middelheim 2016, when he was accompanied on stage by drummer Dré Pallemaerts, one of the greats in the Belgian jazz landscape, and two exceptional young talents, Bram De Looze and Lennart Heyndels, in his new Ben Sluijs Quartet.

Flagey, JazzLab Series

Ben Sluijs Quartet | Mali

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