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Singing Molenbeek

Julien Libeer: Singing Molenbeek

Singing Molenbeek is a Brussels choir bringing together children from different schools in Molenbeek. Founded by Zeno Popescu in 2014, the choir is symbolic of the belief that music is a fundamental element of education and community life. Through music, people are able to find their own voice and get to know a cultural heritage that is not always their own. The thirty children of Singing Molenbeek will be appearing during this project with Julien Libeer, Lorenzo Gatto and Roby Lakatos for a beautiful musical journey through Hungary. Through the music of Béla Bartók, folk songs from the Balkans and gypsy music, they demonstrate that even in this seemingly tremendously diverse world, we have more in common than we think.

Flagey, Music Chapel, La Fondation Futur21

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Singing Molenbeek

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