/ Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Christmas concert Vlaams Radio Koor

Following a well-established custom, the Flemish Radio Choir is performing a Christmas concert ‘with a twist’. The traditional Christmas Carols in a new guise, unknown jewels that will enhance the Christmas mood like no other – an unforgettable musical feast to end the year with a bang.

As is often the case, the Flemish Radio Choir includes a number of contemporary composers as a golden thread throughout the programme. Music of our times, which make a fresh connection with the audience and pull on the heartstrings. Timeless and, not insignificantly for the Christmas season, a reminder of what really matters.

Composer James Whitbourn was described by The Observer as ‘a truly original communicator in modern British choral music’. His theatrical Missa Carolae is a fusion of the greatest English and American Christmas traditions, but he also incorporates Christmas classics from France, Germany and Poland. With an impressive brass section and medieval-sounding percussion, this composition is well worth discovering.

Flagey, Vlaams Radio Koor, Brussels Philharmonic