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Shai Maestro / Alexandre Lacombe

Shai Maestro

"For me, solo is the ultimate outlet of expression.. An empty canvas. A place to let the imagination run wild, to let creativity flow… It’s an opportunity to make something that belongs to the present, with no limitations.. And opportunity to touch real fragility. It’s just you and the piano. That’s it.. It’s the hardest challenge, and the most gratifying at the same time” Shai Maestro

Shai Maestro, one of the rising forces of jazz piano in the world today presents a rare opportunity to dive in with him for an evening of solo piano where he explores his music, deconstructs and reconstructs it, and opens a window to see him in the most exposed form. Just him and his piano.


"Hearing Shai Maestro… is like awakening to a new world: a world of wonders, excitement, beauty, and uncertainty. Sounds of intrigue, expressions of joy, introspective thoughts, and heightened intensity all come to the fore at one time or another . . . his stories are all gripping, exhilarating, and gorgeous in their own way” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz (August 2015)

Eén, twee... piano! (BRUZZ, 2018)

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Flagey Piano Days 2018