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Stephane Ginsburgh / Marie-Clémence David

Stephane Ginsburgh

Never heard of Anthony Burgess? Then it is high time! This writer and musician was the author of A Clockwork Orange, the novel which was adapted for screen by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. In addition to being a prolific writer, Burgess wrote beautiful music for piano and orchestra. The Belgian pianist Stephane Ginsburgh recently recorded his set of Preludes and Fugues. During this concert, he contrasts them with the infamous Preludes and Fugues of Shostakovich and the music of Buxtehude.


Stéphane Ginsburgh à propos d'Anthony Burgess 
(Demandez le programme, RTBF Musiq3, 2018)

In the context of

Flagey Piano Days 2018

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