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Bram De Looze / Alexander Popelier

Bram De Looze

World premiere in collaboration with Piano's Maene

At the request of Maestro Daniel Barenboim, Belgian piano manufacturer Chris Maene built a new piano instrument. Normally, the strings run diagonally across a concert piano and this fundamental design has hardly changed over the last 100 years. For this new instrument, Chris Maene choose to run all strings parallel which results in a superior and very transparent sound. This way, one can better distinguish the different voices of a composition. It inaugurates a new evolution in the manufacturing of pianos after a century-long standstill.

Bram De Looze was chosen by Chris Maene as the jazz ambassador of this new instrument. He is the pianist of LABtrio and Septych. To show the extent of his improvisational talent, he will play during this concert on the brand new Chris Maene Concert Grand, a grand piano with the dynamic force of a modern piano combined with the warmth of historical predecessors by Pleyel, Erard and Walter, on which Bram played during his previous concert in Flagey in July. Bram continues his successful solo project, this time by exploring the acoustic possibilities of this revolutionary new instrument.

Flagey, Piano's Maene