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/ Yngve Olsen Sæbbe

The Psalms Experience – Path of Life

Det Norske Solistkor

Before the concert, there will be a debate ‘Can the psalms be a source of inspiration for a humanism in crisis?’ (free upon presentation of a ticket for the thematic concerts on 21.03).

75 psalms, 75 composers, 3 choirs, 6 concerts, 3 days and 2 locations. The Psalms Experience is an extensive moment for reflection at the heart of Klarafestival. The concerts, centred around six topical themes and with lectures by world-renowned speakers, measures the essence of life. The psalms are at once religious and deeply humanitarian. The ancient poems are about the human condition, humans and their relationship with God, life and each other. This is why the psalms are universal, timeless and indestructible. They form an inexhaustible, rich source of spirituality, regardless of form. In addition to Flagey, the concerts will also be held in La Cambre Abbey, a concert location that is both astonishing and unique, and where over eight centuries of heavenly (and earthly) music can come into its own, from Lassus and Palestrina to Bach, and then Schubert and Brahms to Michel van der Aa.

Flagey, Klarafestival, Coexister Bruxelles, El Kalima (Centre chrétien pour les relations avec l'Islam), Embassy of Norway in Brussels 

Wat betekenen psalmen in onze tijd?
(Espresso, Klara, 2018)

KF18: The Psalms Experience – Path of Life

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