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Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band

Closing concert

Since 2001, Matthew Herbert has performed all over the world with his big band, from Montreux jazz festival to Trafalgar Square, from the Hollywood bowl to the Sydney Opera House. For the last few years however the band has taken a backseat to more of his experimental work made out of pigs, bombs and bodies. Now in 2017, Matthew has announced that he is to restart the big band in response to the challenges of britain’s departure from the european union.

The project started when article 50 was triggered, and will continue over two years with live shows, recordings and workshops until the point that the uk leaves the eu in 2019. the project will end with the release of an album recorded across europe.


"The Brexit Big Band — a two-year-long project — will see Herbert crisscross Europe on what he’s called “an apology tour,” composing and performing songs that respond to the U.K.’s exit from the European Union. "
Brexit big band theory: British musician Matthew Herbert plays the ultimate breakup song. (POLITICO)

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Matthew Herbert Brexit Big Band
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