Le Syndrome du cornichon (Doignon)

Enjoy your meal!

The Four seasons of Cinergie

Even in a serious compilation of short films, one can have fun bringing together the films under a wacky denominator. For the autumn series, the Four Seasons of Cinergie has chosen the theme of food without any discrimination between vegan or animal. The criterion there is, is that in the movie title had to be the name of a food. The funnier it sounds, the better! It’s the ideal opportunity to discover completely different short films, even though there are similarities. Muet comme une carpe ('As stupid as a carp'): about the culinary preparations and religious rituals while filling ‘Gefilte Fish’, a traditional Ashkenazi-Jewish dish. Les Navets blancs empêchent de dormir ('White turnips keep you awake'): a good excuse not to give in to your fears. Le Syndrome du cornichon ('The Gherkin Syndrome’): here, we do less reference to the vegetable in the figurative sense of the word and finally, Tasse de thé ('Teacup') in which tea is the ingredient that one will not figure in the movie.

Flagey, Cinematek