Music Chapel Festival 2017

Will the classical artist of tomorrow be a businessperson and 3.0?

Fest’Off | Culture Meet-Up #31

Fifteen years. That is on average the time needed to train a classical artist: from the stumbling beginnings on a Wednesday afternoon to the intensive work in the conservatoire.

Fifteen years therefore to learn one’s art, to get to know its subtleties, its tremendous pleasures triumphs and bitter failures. But after so many years, are classical artists ready to enter the professional world? Are they ready to become artist-entrepreneurs?

Artists who know how to sell themselves, who master social media and their image, who can manage their fees and their administration, who are familiar with the networks, the agents and the whole system.

There will be an hour-long discussion with three speakers who are involved in the world of classical artists, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Flagey, Music Chapel