The Great Dictator (Chaplin)

A film in the spotlight

The Great Dictator | Charles Chaplin

Film class by Wouter Hessels (NL)

Take the time to study a film, to reflect on cinema and analyse the style of its great directors to derive all the more pleasure from it. Wouter Hessels (NL) and Olivier Lecomte (FR) will do just that in their film master class 'A film in the spotlight'.

The ability to portray the most appalling events in history while still making people laugh is the gift of a select few. This is what Charles Chaplin achieved in The Great Dictator, in which this genius of the burlesque plays the part of Hynkel, a perfect caricature of Hitler. Chaplin had already humorously denounced the absurdity of the First World War with Shoulder Armsin 1918. Here, he paints a hysterically funny portrait of the Nazi threat.

Flagey, Cinematek

The Great Dictator | Trailer